The SELA Approach

SELA seeks to provide strength-based therapeutic services to address inappropriate and maladaptive behavior within the school environment. SELA utilizes only "highly trained’ individuals to provide direct services; 90% of our staff are master-level professionals. Our success is derived by creating a culture of compliance. Care and concern, courage, honesty, responsibility and growth are utilized to enhance existing discipline protocols as well as to establish new ones to address the "pipeline to prison" ( phenomenon by reducing the need for Out of School Suspensions (OSS).




Our approach includes:

Discipline University (DU)

DU is an intervention protocol for habitual offending students. DU is a six-week therapeutic group program that occurs during school hours one day a week. This program is mandated for students because their behavior in school has become "unmanageable" and has caused harm to the school community. Students will engage in group therapy to address their triggers and appropriate response-sets. Students will engage in role plays, talk therapy, etc. Upon completion, students will enjoy a small graduation ceremony with certificates of completion.

Learning to Overcome (LTO)

LTO is an intervention protocol designed to address the aftermath of violence (fighting). This is mandated due to high probability of re-offending. Students are engaged in talk therapy to address the cause-and-effects of their violence. They will be exposed to their similarities, and be provided tasks to complete over a four hour time period for the purposes of reentering back into the school community. 

Peace Groups (PG)

PG is a prevention protocol designed to prevent physical violence from occurring. This is mandated due to the high probability of an actual fight occurring. Angry and frustrated students will be brought together once they are contracted for safety to respectfully discuss the “issues” at hand. Rules will be clearly defined prior to PG initiating. Students will be provided with communication skill sets designed to help them express their problems with each other in a non-confrontational manner while arriving at “reasonable” solutions.

Peer-Mediation (PM)

PM is an intervention protocol designed to address inappropriate behaviors by training select students at each grade level 6th-12th to function as mediators for restorative justice. Students will hear what the infraction was and come up ways that their peer can "right the wrong". This will be a supervised process with one of our program professionals.

Restorative Justice

This is an intervention designed to teach offending students the value of peaceful living. When you damage the community you must heal the community. Students will learn and be provided ways and means to rectify their infractions. This includes, but is not limited to open and written apologies, minimal tasks around and outside of the school, community outreach etc.

Token Economy (TE)

TE is a prevention system designed to be tool in the “teacher’s toolbox” to motivate positive behavior and adherence to classroom rules and school policies. Students will identify “reasonable” rewards for maintaining appropriate behavior within the school context. Students will be provided a point sheet that travels with them from class to class, and teachers will evaluate their behavior for the time that the students are with them, and signoff.

SELA will provide Professional Developments (PD) to school staff on the above protocols and communicate how to effectively and efficiently hold said students accountable. In addition, SELA will be available for reinstatement, Individual Educational Plan (IEP) and staffing meetings at the school’s request.  

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